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​connect Beyond

“Connect Beyond” is a large-scale interactive art installation—a giant recording device collects the sounds and speeches from earth. It translates them into a light beam, casting our own hopes and desires into space and invoking a cosmic connection between humans and the universe. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 7.23.42 PM.png

Art Installation Rendering

A massive, lonely space transmitter sitting in the wild desert, shooting a light beam—that carries all the earth’s whispers—into deep space.


The base of the installation is made out of eight 25 feet-long metal legs, which support a 30 feet diameter sphere with a laser transmitter on top. Thousands of microphones are embedded in the metal legs(beams), picking up sounds from the desert and citizens to transmit into space.

rendering-Connect Beyond3.png

Art Installation Rendering

This installation is interactive by design. The BLACK ROCK citizens are invited to speak into the microphone devices embedded around the beams and share their messages with extraterrestrial intelligence in deep space.

rendering-Connect Beyond5.png

Art Installation Rendering

The device is embedded with hundreds of microphone to collect the sound of different events happening within the installation (i.e. group meditation, cosmic EDM rave etc.)  and convert the sound into a 500 Milliwatts laser beam shooting out into space in real time. 

Citizens are encouraged to meditate within our own cosmic mind and transcend them to a world beyond, creating consciousness beyond space and time.

We can only and truly reflect on who we are when we meet someone who’s different from us. Making contact with alien civilization would help us appreciate what it is about ourselves as a species


who are we? Where’s our position in the universe's collective consciousness? Are we willing to risk making yourself known, How do we define who we are and who we want to be?

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